This months Flying Lessons Blog Circle theme is "Grateful". There are so many things that I am grateful for in life but how can I honestly and genuinely convey them to you. I am grateful for my Mama, my family, friends... the list goes on. I've started this post about six times and deleted it again and again. Nothing seems right... it almost feels there is no way to truly express how what I feel. I almost gave up this month... threw in the towel and said, " I can't do it, remove me from the blog circle for this month, I just have no idea what to say." Then I thought I can't do that. The other ladies in the group didn't give up... and then it hit me. 

This week really made me realize that gratitude is an attitude. Being grateful is not just something you feel, it's also something you do and show. Its going along with that whole actions speak louder then words. I'm going to try to show more of show more of my gratitude attitude in everything I do. That's why among the many things that I am grateful for in my life I am grateful for my fellow Flying Lessons Blog Circle ladies. I can't explain enough how much these women mean to me. We have become like a little sisterhood from all over the world comforting and giving each other the gentle encouragement that we need to continue on in the journey of achieving our dreams. 

These ladies are all so interesting, wise and talented. The ladies and I have created a comfy safe space for each other to share worries, successes and wonders. It's a space that I know I needed. The ladies and I share things about our work. We can ask each other advice about how to break writers block or how should we handle a situation. The best part is that we know that there will not be a harsh answer in return but a kind and honest one with only your best interests at heart. 

I guess another thing I'm grateful for is that even though this is only the second month of the Flying Lessons Blog Circle so far I have learned something each time...I'm looking forward to next months lesson.

So till next time and to continue along in this months journey of gratefulness visit the
 blog of Jean Wagner to see what she is grateful for.