Growth & Learning To Share

It's funny how I can think back to how hard it used to be for me to keep up with my blog. My blog may only be a couple of years old but it feels like forever ago that I started to share my stories in this space. I was still in college then. With it time brings a wisdom and it's funny the difference just a couple of years makes. I still have a lot to learn about my writing, but then I feel no matter how much I learn I will always be learning... always growing... and with that living life.

I feel that I am finally starting to discover my voice. I am delicately navigating my way through being able to have a feeling and express it in written words, which I'll be honest is a bit hard for me. I make the joke that I talk with every bit of my body. When I tell a story I use my hands will wave with emphasis, my voice will rise and fall with the intensity of the tale, and I've even been known to dance around when telling a truly exciting story.  This is part of the route of me having a bit of an issue with sharing my stories here, with you. How can I get the same effect of, with just words? What words truly reflect my voice. Words that are authentic to what I want to share and feel?

 Blogging every week has become a fun routine. It also makes me sometimes stretch myself to step out of my comfort zone. Whether it be sharing thoughts on an emotional subject or doing something I wouldn't have before because the adventure had will be well worth it and will come with a great story to tell. 

A great way to look at life is that it's made up of those great stories. Our parents tell them as their parents  did and we grow up making stories of our own. I am just glad that I'm discovering how to share my stories, to be here with all of you, and for the stories to be from the heart.