Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and to know that it can come from rather unexpected sources. Today is a day for quite for me. One of those delicate days where soft relaxing music is played and hot cups of coco and a constant pal. I am in the process of warding off the dreaded burnout. It's snowing off and on today and gray blankets the sky creating a rather dreary view from my studio window.

 Days like today always make me miss the sun because even though it is snowing it's not sticking so it's just creating slush... not nearly as much fun. That is why today is the perfect day to call for a bit of quite creativity. I feel sometimes my world gets too noisy and quiet work day such as this is needed to slow down and refresh. 

Comfy slippers...check! Lots of clay...check! Sketch paper and pencils...check!

So this Wednesday's post I'm keeping things short and sweet and taking note from my coco mug and letting my inner sunshine glow!