Snack Time!

Today I thought I would share with you how I make one of my favorite snacks! It's not the healthiest choice in the world but it sure is tasty... and it's not the unhealthiest by far.

If you are anything like me around two in the afternoon all your energy saps right out of you. So this is a little something to help boost you back to working order. 

I call it a Peanut-butter Chocolate Graham Cracker Sandwich!
What you will need...

~ 1 teaspoon of chunky peanut-butter (creamy peanut-butter works just as well)

~ 1 whole Graham cracker

~ 1/2 a teaspoon of mini dark chocolate chips

Now What to do?

This is all really easy. What you do first is break your Graham cracker in half so you have two square pieces (set one half aside). Then on the smooth side of one of the halves spread out your peanut butter selection. Once you your halve is covered, sprinkle your mini chocolate chips on top so the stick to the peanut-butter. Finish up by placing your other half on top to close up your sandwich.

Time For The Best Part!

Eat It!

This is just my little treat to myself every now an again to when I need a sweet afternoon snack. I'd love to hear what others have as their little treats!