Traditions, Trees & Thoughts

 For this month the blog circle ladies and I decided to reflect upon our year and to share any family traditions one might have for the holiday season. 

and I'm going to share a little tradition my Mama and I do every year.

What is it? Well it might seem weird but every year we name our Christmas tree.
 Seems a bit silly till I explain it all, so here it goes.

It all started about three years ago when my Mama and I wanted to have a real tree for Christmas... They just smell so pretty and look so nice, but neither of us really liked the idea of killing a tree just to have it in our house for a year.

When I was little my Mama read me the story of "The Fir Tree" by Hans Christian Andersen. I don't want to give away the story but it made me, even as a small girl, not want to have our tree only be for a Christmas should be more than that.


For the past three years or so we have gotten a potted tree! Yep, a big ol' pine tree in a pot of dirt and each year we name the tree. We've had a Theodore, a Ferdinand the Fir, and this year I introduce Charles Dickens! (we are fans of the Christmas Carol around here) He is currently our most treasured house guest and has found his place in my studio. Which I find it most enjoyable to have his company and it's convenient, because our curious climbing cats can't get past the pocket doors. He is all decorated with a ton of lights and old ornaments that were from my Mama's childhood as well as handmade masterpieces from mine. A few others are there too that we have collected along the way.

Now for the second important part of all this ...Why do we name the tree and what do we do with it after Christmas has passed? Well we dig a hole it the yard and plant it. This way the tree continues to grow and thrive. It's fun to be walking around the yard greeted by old friends such as Theo and Ferdi who I'm sure have made pleasant company with the Oak (Great Oak), the Hawthorne (Nathaniel), and the Ash (Ashe). It might seem weird but it's what we do... our little tradition, with our newest addition Charles.

I also like to make the joke that we have a true eco friendly tree.

Now that I have shared with you one of my favorite Christmas time traditions I will now reflect,
Looking back... overall... 2012 has been a wonderful year.

2012 has been a year of baby steps for my. Soft little steps forward. I'm every improving my business, Celebrated Lady, making changes when I find better ways of doing things. I have finally truly found the creative direction that my heart wishes to soar. 

Finding a supportive group of other artistic ladies to that help each other out with progressing down our artistic paths has been a wonderful adventure as well... one I would definitely not trade in. 

And so,

That for me is all I could really ask of a year. I grew, I learned, and I had fun while doing it. 

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