A New Year

The past few weeks have been wonderful. A wonderful time spent with family and friends, eating great food and laughing. There was the Night of Seven Fishes with my Dad on Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning with my niece and family, and a Turkey dinner my Mama made that was absolutely another level of amazing I have never seen before. 

Also here's my cat looking quite dapper for the holiday's. Every year I dress him up and he is a really good sport about it. He's old and is just happy to have a warm radiator to lay on in the same room as me. I have a theory that he is really just a classic old gentleman out of the 1920's or something, who has a big white mustache and wears reading glasses...so of course I dress him up in bow-ties and printed ties but that's just me.

 It was nice to take a break from the everyday and really just relax. I truly didn't know how much I needed it. I took time away from the computer, only checking things when needed and paying the necessary attention to my shop. Other then that though... no Internet, no computer games, just family time. I can't even take credit for it either. It just happened, I just found myself not logging on.  To just shut the door to my studio for a bit to refresh. A little unexpected gift to myself. I have to be honest it was wonderful and needed. 
Now it's back to work though and I am excited about that. I have so many new ideas, so many things to make. That is what makes the time away so wonderful. It rejuvenated me and made me ready and clear for the new year and new inspiration! So here I sit, in my studio facing a new year head on. I sit at my sunlit desk and look at my new calendar (by artist Kim Jacobs). The illustration for the month of January is a studio, a sewing machine on the table. bolts of fabric and a cat. I find it fitting for all I see in the unmarked days are possibilities and opportunities that only a new year can bring.