Little Magic

I like to say that I find the magic in the everyday. The way the sun shines, an exuberant color, and especially every time I look at my niece. 

She reminds me to find the magic. Around here this week it has been gray, rainy and warm... well warm for the middle of January in Jersey. Despite my dislike for gray days this particular batch presented a wonderful opportunity. Lately every time my niece has visited she has asked if she could play outside. This week we did just that!

My Mama and I had a surprise for her. My old bubble machine. I had won it through a school fundraiser when I was in sixth grade and never had the chance to really use it. It was even still in the box. I will be honest I had forgotten about it, both my Mama and I wondered why we never used it. I guess the answer is it was waiting for the perfect moment to show it's magic through the giggles of a little girl who I adore.  

We spent the whole afternoon running around the backyard chasing bubbles catching them and twirling around. "Get the bubbles, Get the bubbles" My niece would yell as she went running through them all.  Bubbles were everywhere and they floated all around the yard landing in the bare branches and evergreens. It was truly magical. 

So much of that day was filled with magic. Smiles, laughter, and love. A definite reminder to find the magic in the simple things and never stop looking for it. 

Who would a thunk it?...A simple let us play outside, found all this hidden magic.