Sophie & Georgia

It's funny when we find out that things we loved as children, can be rediscovered as things we love as adults. This is exactly what I have found this week when I came across and old set of magnetic paper dolls named Sophie and Georgia that I used to play with. 
I loved paper dolls when I was a little one... I still do. I used to make my own to go with my collection of paper Disney Princesses, American Girls, Barbies, even Star Wars and Victorian replicas. A few years ago for Christmas I even got a Bette Davis paper doll. (Bette Davis is one of my favorite old Hollywood actresses) So you see when I found a set of magnet dolls with magnetic clothing and little magnet backgrounds I was mesmerized. I remember thinking that the dolls were so cute and their little scenes so adorable I would get lost in setting up their little houses playing and changing their outfits.

Finding little Sophie and Georgia this past weekend brought that a the memories back, but I also looked at the dolls with a new appreciation. I saw them not just as dolls but also as artwork. Each doll and back drop is an illustration and that's when the light bulb went off. I was lucky I had stored the dolls in their original boxes. On the box was the name of the artist... Mary Engelbreit which to my surprise I thought I just discovered this past year! Guess I was wrong! I have a calendar featuring her unique brave little ladies, her artwork is what made people smile on my Christmas cards this year and I just love her work in general. Who knew all along my love for her artwork started way back as a little girl who just loved to play with her dolls.