2 Blogs to 1 Blog ...and Dino Cakes!

So much has happened, so much is happening! It's quite exciting! Though, hard to put into words which is the exact reason, I must admit, I have been avoiding my blog like a visit to the dentist office.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of opportunity, blessings, and down right luck. I've enjoyed laughter and creativity. The pit of anxious excitement. You may have noticed some changes to my blog, that's because I merged my blog with the Celebrated Lady blog (my shop blog). I started to feel pulled in to directions. It felt as if I was in a way compartmentalizing my life into separate places. So I decided to moosh it all together here. I also felt that it will make it easier to find my shop and navigate around my blog. This is still my old blog just with my new domain name and all shop updates will now be shared her with you. I still have a few things to switch around but I fell everything is always a work in progress. I have so many ideas for this blog and exploring those ideas will be so much fun.

The last thing I wan to share today are two cakes I just recently decorated for a good friends son's birthday. Remember my Lion King cake last year? Well this year it was dinosaurs! I was a bit scared because I have never before decorated or baked a dinosaur cake before but I was up for a challenge and it helped out a friend so I was all for it. It was a fun experience too. Usually when I bake, it's just me in my kitchen dancing around to my music, having fun being creative, and being silly pretending that I'm on some fancy baking competition show on bravo or something. This time though was so much more fun! Instead I went over to my friends son's grandma's house (who is a childhood friend of my Mama) to bake the cake. Oh my goodness we laughed so much! We all sat around the table while I decorated, my friends two boys chasing each other and playing and not only the kids tried to steal the icing. We kept the cakes safe from little fingers the whole night until the very end. The birthday boy sneaked up on us and swiped his little finger right into his cake. We all stood there looking at him, his mom fixing the cake, he was instantly scooped up by his grandma, arm out-stretched, finger covered in icing. Not phased at all by the commotion he dived his finger right into his mouth with an ahwm sound! We all bust out laughing! Well it was his cake after all!

Oh... Happy Valentines Day Everyone!