Someday, Today

This week I have learned a new life lesson. A lesson I hope to never forget, That sometimes we must stop simply wishing for dreams to come true but we must start making them come true ourselves.  My heart sings with this realization of new knowledge. I feel lighter and brighter as if the world has opened up every possibility to me and I'm just a giant sponge ready to soak everything up.

My Mama and I are big planners and simple dreamers. We are big on the phrase of "Someday" but recently some things have lifted the "Someday" blindfold from our hazel eyes to see "today".  I will no longer just wait and wish, I am going to be a proactive employee in building the road leading to my dreams. I can't share at the moment what started this whole journey but one day I will... I just can't right now. That being said though I just couldn't wait to share how I've been feeling.

All of this great new energy has also been happily complimented by the new book I just started reading. I have always been a big fan of the film "Under The Tuscan Sun". I love the idea of one day looking around and realizing that you have been lucky enough to receive all you wished for.  While the book so far is very different from the film, I'm enjoying the differences because it's giving it's own enjoyable insight. Frances Mayes writing transports you, before you know it you can feel the warm sunny breeze and smell the lemons, lavender, and olives! Also I'm learning bits and pieces of Italian from the book which I love. I enjoy learning languages... I just wish I spoke more then English and a bit of high school Spanish... Another wish to work towards becoming a reality!