We all have things that we collect, that we love. One of the things I love to do is going to flea markets and antique shops. I love getting lost in all of the treasure that await in these places, hidden among tables and sometimes dusty shelves just waiting to be discovered. With Spring just around the corner my desire for warm sunny days of strolling from booth to booth or shop to shop is growing. 

  I love finding these unexpected treasures. A few summers ago my Mama and I were at a flea market.  That day I found one of my most favorite finds ever. A little compass hidden at the bottom of a dusty tray, purchased for just 10 cents. The glass is a bit foggy the metal finish worn and scratched... it was perfect. I brought it home and cut a length of cotton yarn to make a chain. I plan on one day making the compass a proper chain but till I decide the perfect design the yarn will do. 
It's funny how people react to it. I've gotten many questions about it. "Are you afraid you'll get lost?" is the most common. I used to say no I just like to wear it but now days I'm thinking that with my little compass I can always find my way... possibly to more treasures!

What treasures do you collect?