Feeling Lighter

I bet you can guess what I did...

Yep I cut my hair!
I just felt it was time for a change and so I went for it. When I was young I had my hair very very long, like down past my butt long. I cut it when I was eight to my chin (not a good look) ever since then I have been growing it out, cutting about six inches off every year, mind you my hair was still down my entire back... cutting it just made it so I didn't sit on my it.

As usual, earlier this year I cut the normal six inches off my hair... and now I've cut about another six! I know my hair is still considered to be long but for me it's short.  My hair is the shortest it's ever been since I was eight and I am loving it! I can't wait to explore all the fun hair styles that my hair was to long for!  

Cutting your hair is so liberating... Lately I feel like I'm turning a page, so much is changing in my life and this is just another thing that I'm excited about. I feel that cutting my hair can be seen as the representation of cutting the "dead weight" out of my life. I'm going through boxes, tossing and donating things that have overstayed their welcome in my life. Somethings are filled with memories but by passing on something I no longer need or use to a friend who will, makes me happy. 

It's funny how a simple thing of cutting hair can make someone think of all this interesting stuff, but it did. 

bye now,  Jennifer