Little White Box

For the longest time I thought I had lost something. A box of jewelry that had been my great-grandmothers. It was given to me when I was young. The small white plastic box was filled with costume jewelry necklaces of all shapes and sizes. Plastic beads of bright yellow and a necklace completely made out of shells. I adored every one. Years ago though it disappeared.  Over the years I have searched for it, looked in boxes, torn my bedroom apart looking for it and never found it. I was always so sad when I thought about it because for the longest time it was one of the few things I had of my great grandmother. She passed way a month and one day before I was born. My Mama used to tell me stories of how excited she was for me. My Grandma would tell me how I am like her... to this day I believe my great-grandmother and I are the only people I've ever heard of who made mashed potato sandwiches! This is why I always kept searching for the box.

Well as you may have guessed this past weekend I found it! My Mama and I were going through some old boxes and when she lifted the lid I gasped. My Mama puzzled, started asking me what was wrong. I just reached for the small white plastic box and sure enough inside was the pieces of jewelry just as I remembered them. They aren't fancy but they are a piece of a woman who I wished I could have met. A woman that apparently I am like. I have plans of wearing them. I like to wear jewelry that was once someones I loved... It makes me feel like I take them with me wherever I go.

For so many years I searched for this little box... I would tell people about it with the resignation that I would never see it again and it would only live in my memory. I couldn't be more happy to have been wrong and to now have found the one thing I always thought was lost.