Leaving Rose Hill

I love Spring at Rose Hill.  The old boards creak beneath my feet as I walk through each room... every room has it's own smell... it's own story. Light and air flow through the windows transforming the hibernating old house into a lively sun washed escape.  This is my last Spring at Rose Hill... I plan to remember every bit... every moment of it.

Rose Hill is my childhood home. I have lived other places but nowhere as long as I have here. Since I was three these plaster walls have been my home. The almost 100 year old house isn't fancy and in fact needs a lot of work but for me it's always been home. I know I will cry the last day I leave for good.

I have left Rose Hill before but I've always been able to return... this time I will not be able to. My Mama is moving on to a new home as well.  I have had this feeling in a minor form before when I graduated college. A place I lived in for four years. The place I really feel I became who I am in I had to leave. I knew the day would come... goodness I wanted it too. My last days spent there I even felt like I no longer belonged, it was no more my home... and I could never just walk the halls or sit in my sun soaked dorm overlooking the city streets. I feel very much the same way now. I feel Rose Hill is pushing me on like a good parent knowing that I have the rest of my life ahead of me, that this house is no longer meant for me... and knowing once I leave I can never come back.

I am so full of mixed emotions. Excitement for my new home, a new place to fall in love with and to create memories in. A home with so many things I want and need. At the same time though my eyes tear with leaving the home I've loved for so long. Even though I know my Mama and I are making the right decision there are always those little devils of "what if" and "doubt". They creep in at moments when least expected, but I do know that this is the right path.  The time has come to move on, to grow, and that just can't happen here at Rose Hill. 

So with that being said to combat the evil "doubts" and "what ifs" I am choosing to focus on what I am over the moon excited about. Like being closer to family and friends. Having the space to throw dinner parties and for all the new and exciting memories to make that I have not yet even thought of.

 One of the major things I'm super excited about is my new studio. Don't get me wrong I'm very appreciative of even having a studio. My current studio has great character.  Two Large pocket doors lead into a cozy room with a wood stove is in the room and is surrounded by natural brick... I love exposed brick so it makes up for the space the stove takes up.  The room was once my Dad's den, then the family computer room, till I took it over to use as my studio. I have loved working in the space but I have never truly been able to make it mine... in an odd way I have always felt I was borrowing it. At my new home I have a room that will just be mine... and it helps that it has it's own closet! My current studio has no built in storage once so ever. 

Even though it will be sad to move on, when I think about it it's not really that hard to. It's time. I have so much to look forward to and I'm glad that I finally can begin to share this journey with others. A lot has changed for me in the past two years and I know there are still so many more changes to come.  I'm excited for the adventure.