Walls and Windows!

Say hello to my new studio!

Well sorta... it's not done yet but I'm so excited! This was the first chance that I had to actually see inside it... the four walls that would be the home of all my creative endeavors. A very important space. As soon as I walked though the door I could see where I was going to put everything! Every time I look at the pictures I imagine what the room will look like in it's completed state. This wall is for that, my desk will go here... oh and a chair for clients! My mind is filled with ideas and solutions of how to make the space an amazing studio that is just for Celebrated Lady. I mean for goodness sakes it has it's own closet... a frickin CLOSET!

It's so cool to see the whole process as it comes together too. First there is nothing then there is something! I mean come on it's not even finished and I'm running around acting like a kid on Christmas with this thing. This room is so much more then that to me. It speaks of growth for my business and progress not only for my creative life but my whole life in general. I'm so happy I get to share this. It will be so much fun to keep up-dating the progress of my studio and it's journey to completion as well as my personal growth as an artist!