Moving Right Along

Whew! It's been crazy around here. I feel like my life is just one  big fort of plastic bins and cardboard boxes. I'm still preparing for the move. Packing up boxes, getting rid of most of our furniture and keeping most of our books. We may not have beds but we will have books... lots of books.

boxes and boxes of books!
A week ago My mama and I had a giant yard sale. My dodo self forgot to take pictures but yard sales are pretty self-explanatory so just use your imagination. We laughed, found new homes for our old things, and I found out just how bad at applying suntan lotion I really am. Having olive tone skin I hardy ever burn but unfortunately all the spots I missed were red as a tomato at the end of the day... and there were a lot of them. That was not fun.

What was fun though was getting to meet some really great people. I met two artists that day. A lovely lady by the name of Karen Gambale' Adezio who I am so glad I met. She runs the artist retreat Whispering Springs Haven in West Virginia. She told me all about her classes and I shared some of my experiences from going to Moore College of Art & Design. She had said she wanted to got there when she was young and was exited that I had. I look forward to the friendship I feel we started that Saturday morning talking about our art! We both agreed there was a reason for our meeting. The second artist I met was an elderly copper smith named Duilio Clemente. He was an absolute joy. He told my mama and I stories in broken English and sang me a song in Italian and even showed us a picture of a copper statue of liberty he sculpted that is now at Ripley's Believe It Or Not in Atlantic City. It's amazing the people you can meet just selling your old things in the front yard of a friends.

As for the new studio it's coming along very nicely. I have heard it was almost done but the last time I was in there I was excited to just have walls. I can only imagine what it looks like almost finished with flooring and everything! I also can't wait to finish moving, unpack the cardboard fort and start creating again. I find myself bursting with ideas only to see my studio packed in boxes. "Soon" I tell myself "Soon". All I have to do is be patient and not let my excitement get the best of me... We will see how that goes.