Lesson Learned

My Mama's little cat, enjoying some sun in the new house.

Welp... I MOVED!!!

Which is awesome and it's also the reason I've been absent here for a bit. Besides the taking time to settle in and unpack a copious amount of boxes. I just been quite unsure of what to write or what about. I started this post, crossed it out, avoided it and flexed every procrastination muscle I have.  It's just hard to focus my mind when it's all wonky from moving and living in such a state of transition... for me it is anyway.

So when my Mama confronted me about why I hadn't written lately I told her about my trouble with organizing my thoughts and gave her the excuse, "besides no on wants to read about me being whiny and not being able to write."

"Why not?" was her answer, "it's honest."

So here I am giving it a shot and feeling like the worst brand of a total Miss Whiny Pants. Still My Mama is right... she has a habit of doing that. I started writing and the words started to come together.

My Mama is quite the writer. I don't know why I didn't seek her advice, most likely due to my theory that if I keep quiet about it maybe she wouldn't notice? WRONG! ... and maybe a dash of procrastination... I had boxes to unpack...

Any who...

I have always admired how easy writing seems to come for my Mama. I always remember her keeping hand-decorated books, covered in ribbons, filled with her words and poetry. She would leave little quotes in my lunch boxes and have little papers with phrases and things taped and stuck everywhere. Some were simply to be remembered others to lay in wait like little hidden treasures.

I do this too. On my computer in books to be used as bookmarks... all over really. I like my Mama fill them with quotes and words I love, books I want to read, and phrases to remember.

Well look at that... I was whining that I couldn't organize my thoughts to write and now that I have I can't shut up. This post is now
three pages long in my notebook, I hand write my entries before typing them here.

It's funny how things work out that way.

Lesson learned... If all else fails... always write it out!