Boat, Ducks, Pie

Sometimes it's good to just get away. To change your scene and have nothing else to do but relax. That time for me was last week. A year ago my Mama and I booked a girls trip to Lancaster PA. It is so surreal to think that we decided to go on this vacation before we even knew we would be moving... before we even started looking for a new home to begin with.  I feel it's all been a lesson of spontaneity.We did it all in under a year... least to say we've been busy.

So even though we are still unpacking, we packed our bags and headed out for a week of adventure... and by adventure I mean shopping, antiquing, and relaxing in Amish country. We stayed at this really fun hotel that is modeled after a steamboat. It looks just like one and the inside is filled with pretty Victorian styled couches and chandeliers. We pretended the whole time that we were on a real river... it made the experience that much more fun. There was even a pond behind it and this particular pond is home to a boat load (pun intended) of DUCKIES!!

On The last day before we left we took the duck food we had purchased and moseyed on out to a spot where a bunch of ducks were lounging around... and soon enough we were surrounded  by quacks and honks all waiting to be fed. They waddled their fat little tails around, coming right up to us. Even so close as to get a corn kernel that had fallen right by my shoe!! Though they weren't friendly enough to pet... we tried and they were like "No way, you crazy lady... now give me more corn. QUACK!!"

I swear that's what they said... honest...

And so dealing with rejection by ducks and after we ran out of food, we set off for home. Which I might add had it's own adventure since we needed to get gas and being Jersey girls we don't pump our own gas very often, but after a team effort and asking for help we were off.

I have to tell you as I sit here eating an amazing slice of shoo fly pie (my favorite) t

hat vacation was fun but I sure am glad to be home.