Boxes Boxes And More Freaking Boxes!

Well this week has been a real kick in the butt... yep just said butt.

When moving people don't tell you there is a difference between being moved in and... unpacked! Yeah remember this picture from a while ago... all those boxes... yep well they are here in my basement and not unpacking themselves like good boxes should. Go figure right?

Any who... I can't honestly say I wasn't warned. My Aunt Debby told me, "When you move starts the love hate relationship with boxes. When your moving you hate filling them, but love that your moving. When you've moved you hated emptying them, but love having moved."

I just can't wait till I get all my studio stuff out of boxes. Right now all of my supplies seem to be playing an Olympic game of hide and seek and I'm doing a terrible job of seeking... but you can't eat an elephant in one sitting so I just keep on trucking away emptying one box at a time bit by bit. Also taking a break from time to time is also a must.

I take little moments to enjoy the process. To sit back and look around and enjoy my new surroundings. One of my favorite ways to do this is to hang out with my niece! She's such an awesome little munchkin and mornings spent running around with her in our new basement, that we are making a playroom for her, make all this unpacking stuff worth it.

Say Cheese! Taking a break and having a breakfast time hang-out with my amazing niece!