It's My Party!

I always get the most reflective around my birthday, which happened to be this past Sunday. I turned twenty-four.
While most people may make their plans for the next year and resolutions during the end of December, I always do it around my birthday... Yup it's just what I do. I look back at the age I'm leaving and look forward to the one I'm growing into. This year is no different.

I went to a psychic for fun once and she told me my twenty-third year would be the start of great things and a really good year. I remember on my birthday, I wanted the year to be full of adventure and great change... Well it sure was. I've moved, have grown, become closer to dear friends and family and though there were downs, there were an abundance of major ups as well. I mean I couldn't really have asked for more.

It's fun to look back but now twenty-three is over. The year of twenty-four has started. I want much of the same things as last year, to grow, learn and continue doing what I love with the people I love... and of course I made a birthday wish but I am not going to share it... why? Because if I did it wouldn't come true silly!

Now that I'm going on the first week as a 24'ian I'm so looking forward to what adventures are waiting for me. I don't really get depressed about getting older either. I've worked hard to get to where I am ... age included. I have however reached a new realization about how much I love and appreciate my family.

I had a small party and my Mama went all out for it. I even let her bake my cake this year! I usually bake my own or get ice cream cake. (My birthday used to be the one time of the year I got to make a cake but now I bake so often I didn't mind letting my mom make one for me.) My Mama was so excited! She did an amazing job. It was so tasty too!! She made me a daisy cake because daisies are my favorite. It was a lemon cake with butter cream icing.

My Mama got me balloons and some fun cake plates with Lalaloopsy on them too!! Hey just because I'm not a kid doesn't mean I don't enjoy awesome balloons with cute little cartoons on them that are made from sewing supplies! They are still floating about my kitchen island in all their helium filled glory and they make me smile every time I see them.