What The Cake!

As a person who generally dislikes surprises, I love to surprise other people. Go figure right? So last Friday I had the idea to turn a little impromptu get together into a mini birthday surprise.

My Aunt Debby's birthday was earlier that week and I just wanted to do something for her. I love to do a little something special for peoples birthdays, whether it be a hand made card, gift or in this case a cake! A Minnie Mouse Cake to be exact.

My Aunt is in love with all things Disney and especially likes Minnie Mouse so I really didn't need to consider any other themes.  (I had also never made a Minnie cake before so that was exciting)
Completed it was a two layer yellow cake with butter cream icing. I used dark chocolate icing for the detailing and white chocolate chips to make the polka dots. I also used to chocolate icing to create little Mouse outlines for where I placed the candles. I then made the topper out of construction paper , a little sign I made on the computer and I taped it all to a yellow striped straw that matched the candles. Using a straw to hold the topper turned out to be better then what I normally use. Usually I would tape everything to a long lollipop stick... the kind you can find in the candy melt isle... but I didn't have any... hence the straw. The thing is when I went to put the cake in the fridge so the cats wouldn't play "smash a cake" it was too tall! Never fear though... I used a bendy straw. (it's the little things in life) I simply put the bendy function to good use and voila! it fit. That would not have happened with a lollipop stick, that's for sure.
Now with the cake safely away all that was left for me to do was wait till everyone arrived. The only thing was when they did, my cousin had baked a cake for the get together as well! We tend to do things like that in this family. So After we sang happy birthday and surprised my Aunt with the Minnie Cake we just served both. My cousin's cake was a tasty key lime flavor which I am very glad to have sampled.

It was nice to get back to baking and cake decorating. The last cake I made was back in February. Now that I have started again though I've got the baking bug and I can't wait to share my creations... and well... eat them too of course!!!