My New Business Cards!

They're here! They're here! My new business cards are here!!!

 Well actually they arrived last week but I'm finally sharing it now. I'm so excited because though I've had a set o business cards, for the longest time I have felt that they didn't truly represent Celebrated Lady or myself. I designed them quickly just so I would have a set and they did serve their purpose but it was time for a much needed change.

This time around I decided to take my time. About a year ago a friend of mine referred me to and I fell in love with their products. I told myself that when I finally redesigned my cards I would order them from Moo. So I did just that.

I took my time creating them this time. The process was so much fun from doing the water color designs (well scanning them all in wasn't very fun) to choosing the photos I wanted to include. I decided to have four different backs to add fun and variety to my set of cards. Two with bright representative prints and two with photos of my creations.

I'm so happy with how they came out. My favorite is the one featuring the Celebrated Lady Vintage Crystal Hand Braided Cinnabar Bridal Necklace!

Let me know which one is your favorite!

If your thinking about ordering from Moo use my promo code on your first order for 10% off! This helps me earn a discount and gives you one as well!