A Day Of Love, Hope and Celebration...

Happy Halloween!!! Now for the subject change! Okay so I'll be the first to admit that pink is not my best color. It's October again and I ,on occasion, have been known to don a bright pink shirt. Two Sundays ago was just such and occasion. It was once again time to walk in the Ocean City American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Cancer event. It's always a blast to experience the energy that mixes with the smell of sea water and the sounds of cheers every year. Everyone is full of love, hope and strength... and there is just something fun about seeing grown macho men types running around in pink tutu's and women with bra's for hats!

This year I walked with my Mama, Aunt, niece, my best friend and her children. I was really proud of the kids joining along whether in their strollers or on foot all of them seemed to have a blast. I'm have to say I'm so glad that my family and I have made the walk a tradition because we get to share it with the kids. Breast cancer awareness, hope, and help mean so much to all of us and to instill that in the little ones no matter if the oldest is only seven.  Though they did have their own shenanigans at the walk. My friends son and my niece ran around and even shared a cute little kiss on the cheek. I swear those two are too much for words. With all the kids it's like a cuteness overload.

My friend's seven year old really impressed me! He walked with us the entire time. He would count the mile markers and the street signs to figure out how many more blocks we had to go. The two littlest slept most of the way. We did it though, my friend and I along with her children walked the whole 3.5 miles and then some! We went off the boardwalk for lunch at a nice little place called the Chatterbox. Then we went back up for ice cream... yeah 3.5 mile walk and we wanted ice cream... I would blame it on the kids but that would be a lie ... I got peanut butter! 

This walk was such a surreal moment though. The last time that I was in Ocean City was for the walk last year. (last years walk)  Last year the walk was held one week before Hurricane Sandy hit the coast. It was a weird feeling then and still is. I hadn't had a chance to return before two weeks ago due to the move. By now even closed up you can see that Ocean City was very lucky when compared to the damage Sandy caused up north. That isn't to say that you didn't still see signs that she had been there and what she had done. 

It was in a way a beautiful thing to be at a walk that in a way is so very much about hope and recovery and having it be in a city that has done just that in the past year. I love Ocean City and the cause for Helping Breast Cancer research ,which as I said last year is very dear to my heart. I feel so blessed to have been able to share such a great day with my family and friends and then to relive the day and the memories here with all of you.