Sundresses to Sweaters and Having Fun With Fall

Fall is turning out to be quite a busy season for me. I'm doing photo shoots, setting up meetings and making jewelry. Don't get me wrong, though I might be super busy, I'm definitely taking time to enjoy my favorite season.

I love this time of year.  It's when the humid heat of summer gives way to the brisk chill of Fall. Though summer seems to be having a last hurrah around here. Last week it was in the sixties, this week the eighties! I can't wait for the temperature to go back down. I should have know that as soon as I switched over my closet to my warmer clothing it would get hot again!

So despite my wardrobe issues I have so far been enjoying the season properly. I have snacked on banana bread with cream cheese icing and ginger snaps fresh from the Amish Market and sipping hot apple cider. I have also taken every opportunity I can to be outside. It's the best time of year to play in all the leaves and fresh air. One of my favorite moments so far was when I got to play kick-ball with my best friend and her two boys. We had so much fun with our little game just the three of us. We have plans to get everyone in on it and play with actual teams one day this season. Even my niece and I took the opportunity to play side-walk-chalk one morning. She drew a bit then had more fun telling me what to draw, playing mermaid with her shadow and simply running around enjoying the outdoors.

I also decorated my home for Halloween! Hey at least I held out till October. I was itching to get those decorations out mid September. I love seeing all the little jack-o-lanterns about the house and hanging my paper bats on the wall. Every time I walk into my living room it just makes me smile.

There are so many ways to enjoy the season. How are you having fun with Fall?
Photo by Nicole G.