Feel The Call: Thankfulness

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow I feel the call to share here, the things I am most thankful for. There is the saying "Life is not a bed of roses." I feel in some ways it is just that. The thorns and the buds. No one ever says "Life is not a bed of thorns and roses" …. now that would just be silly… but back to my point. Life has it's thorns, what I am most thankful for is for all the things in my life that help me past those thorns. They are irreplaceable.

My family is always at the forefront of my mind. Whether in blood or spirit they are never fare from my thoughts. (I joke that I choose m family, which is true in a way. As an only child I collect siblings and a few special family friends have always been Aunts and Uncles to me.) They all, my whole family, all help to guide me and keep me sane… ish. Seeing them have joy is my joy! I am forever thankful to have their support and love. Especially in times when I feel lost in the thorns.

I am thankful to be able to do what I love. To created with my hands and for the talent that god has given me. I love making jewelry for Celebrated Lady. The dream grows and becomes more real every day.

There are of course many, many more things that I am thankful for. My list could go on forever. So though they are not mentioned here today does not meant that they are any less important to me. It just means that I didn't want to bore everyone, half to sleep with my list and ramblings.

I hop everyone has an amazing Holiday and whether you do or don't celebrated Thanksgiving I hope that your holiday season is filled with love, laughter, and thankfulness.

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