Library Book Sale

As you can probably tell in by the title… 
this post might have something to do with a book sale at a library...
 Well it does. Why? Because library book sales are awesome that's why! Picture it a whole room filled with books, some in better shape then others, titles you've never heard of before just waiting to be discovered. The best part? Unless you decide you want a super duper special book that is separately priced, most of the books are priced a dollar or under… you can't beat that. You see when you are a book-aholic like me book sales are perfect because sometimes you come across a used popular book that you've been dieing to read that is normally in stores for nine or ten dollars and here it is only one!

The thing I love most though at sales like this are the old books. The books by authors I have never heard of with interesting and mysterious titles that lure you in. Here you can be lured in because unlike at a vintage or antique shop your not going to be dissuaded by some expensive price tag. I also found some cool records for my Mama and even a few things to be put away for Christmas.

I really have my best friend to thank for introducing me to my awesome new local library. It's two floors of books, movies and Cd's. They do a lot of events too for kids and families, like toddler time and movie night. It's so refreshing to see a library doing so much for the community to get kids reading and in turn seeing the community support and embrace their local library.

I love reading but I didn't always because I didn't learn to read till I was older because my school at the time wasn't helping me really and I learned to be pretty good at hiding it. Once I really discovered reading though, I ran with it, I just wish it had happened sooner. I have so many awesome kids books to catch up on. So… To see a place where kids can go to discover their love of reading just makes my heart soar and any way I can support that and get really cool books… I'm all for it! Plus I've already stopped by the sale twice… and that's when they told me they add new books everyday! I feel a few more books may soon be added to my collection before their sale is done…. this could be trouble.