New Headboard!

The search for the perfect headboard is now over! It has been found and now sits at the head of my bed!

This is really one cool piece of furniture. For months now I have been looking for a headboard that would fit and look great in my room. Not to large, not to small. Interesting but not so weird that I'll get bored of looking at it in a week… I guess I'm the Goldie-Locks of headboard shoppers.

That's why when I was just casually browsing Etsy one day and I came across this beauty I was immediately in love with it. I just knew it was the right one! The funny thing is earlier I had just been looking through google images and stumbled across one similar. I thought that something like it would be nice because it was something I had never really seen before and then "who'd a thunk" that not even an hour later I would find one almost like it for sale on Etsy!

I found the headboard as part of the collection of really interesting furniture for sale by a lovely woman named Autumn Rollick who's Etsy shop is under the same name. Seriously if you are looking for a really interesting piece of furniture I totally suggest stopping by Autumn's shop. Her prices are fair and she is really nice. Luck turned out that we were both in the same state so I even got to go see the headboard in person! It's also always really fun to meet other local Etsy shop owners.

Honestly I couldn't be more excited to have this headboard. It totally adds the feel I want my room to have, which I had felt I was missing. Since moving in I have yet to hang anything on my walls, so adding such and interesting piece to my room made things come together a bit more! Now every time I walk into my room I feel comfy, cozy and just right!