So Shiny!

 Look at these pretties! I'm always on the look out for new and interesting vintage pieces to include in my work, so when I came across these blue 1920's-30's era crystal chandelier prisms I knew I wanted to create with them! I've never seen vintage crystals in blue before. Then my Mama ,being the antiquing maven that she is, was able to find three strands of clear vintage crystal to boot, which I adore and can't get enough of. I mean really they are shiny, pretty, and reflect light like no body's business, who doesn't love that?

Apparently though I am not the only one in my house that likes vintage crystal prisms… apparently my little kitten Gus does too. See  look at him trying to help me take the photo's… he is such a good little helper… yeah more like a good little distraction. After I put the camera away, of course the little rascal curled up in his bed and went happily asleep.  I think he just wanted to get in this blog post… yep I think that had been his plan the whole time. I think he's the only little star that could out-shine my new batch of shiny crystals… or try to at least.