Spooky Much?

Last week was Halloween and I got to go trick-or-treating with some awesome littles!

It was so much fun! This Halloween us adults were escorts to Harry Potter, a Dinosaur, one Bad Witch (as per her request), an Owl and a mighty little pirate, arrrgh! The babies slept and the older ones ran and took turns in the wagons. Let me tell you those kids got a nice haul of candy. My niece even had to empty her little bucket into an overflow bag at one point. We walked all around my best friends neighborhood. We went to a mans house who she even remembered passing out candy when she was young. He told us he had been sitting on the back of his pick-up truck for like 60 years passing out candy every year! It think traditions like that are so amazing because he has passed out candy to two generations of my friends family, which is so cool!

My Dad was super awesome too and dropped me off a Chocolate Caramel Apple (a favorite treat of mine) for Halloween so even if I am 24 I got a special treat! (perk of being an only child) Plus it was decorated like a cat! Can't get much better!
This year we had three first timers, the two babies and my niece. She was so excited and had been requesting for weeks to be a bad witch (she loves watching "Hocus Pocus"). She ran around laughing and playing and when she wasn't insisting on pulling the wagon, getting candy.  When we were all done we all caravanned back to my Mama's house for an old fashioned last stop party with apple cider, spiced wafers and white powdered donuts. I even baked up a few candy corn sugar cookies with a recipe I found. It was an amazing Halloween… but now Mama an I want to put our Christmas tree up… we've been counting down.