My Mama's Birthday!

My  Mama's Birthday was this past weekend!! 

and so in true holiday fashion… WE CELEBRATED!

I love making the birthday's of those I love special. Especially my parents and since it was my Mama's birthday I went all out! The way I look at it, she has done this for me for years, so I have a bunch of party throwing to catch up on!

This year my Mama told me she just wanted a small family dinner. I was excited because now that we moved, we actually have a dinning room to have dinner in. (For a long time at the old house we didn't even have a kitchen table. We feel really blessed.) The cool thing is Christmas is my Mama's favorite time of the year. With her birthday being so close to it we decided that this year I would theme her birthday for Christmas!

I got out the nice Christmas china and set the table a'la pinterest style. Vintage cloth napkins and all. Maybe I'm a total nut-cracker (see what I did there) but I got Christmas balloons and holiday crackers to decorate the party with!

That's why when she stumbled across a Peanuts manger scene set, I told her I could use it as her cake topper. She loves Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang so she was really excited! The cake was a two layer lemon cake with butter-cream icing. I used malted chocolate ball candies, sugar light bulbs, and snowflake sprinkles to add to the theme of the cake.

My Mama sat at the head of the table surrounded by family. We feasted on Lasagna from the local Italian deli and homemade salad. We ate, laughed and had so so much! We did all of this while wearing mustaches and paper crowns of course! They were our surprises from the holiday crackers.

Like my Mama says, 
"We might celebrate kinda weird but we sure do have fun!"

Happy Birthday Mama! Love you!