Ode To The Thank You Note

I find that there is just something great about saying thank you in a special way. I for one am a fan of the handwritten thank you note. My Mama and my Nanny both got me started on this practice. In a world were writing letters by hand does not always happen very often anymore, it's nice to have a reason to sit down and show some gratitude through pen and paper.

That is why I can't help but have fun with it. I love collecting old and new stationary that sits in anticipation for me to use it. When I do, I take time selecting the perfect card or paper to fit the person I'm thanking. Then I choose stickers or stamps to fit the recipients personality and occasion. Personal touches just make the note come to life! Lastly after I have written my note I seal the envelope with wax. I have a small collection of seals. Some are vintage others not, but I use them any chance I get. 

I put all this thought and feeling into each note because I truly want to convey how thankful I am. I have seen first hand how much a thank you can mean to someone. Over Thanksgiving my Nanny shared dinner with my cousin (her grandson) and her husband. My cousin asked her if he could take some of the leftovers to an elderly neighbor of his who he helps out. My Nanny of course loaded my cousin up with food to take to his friend. The next week my Nanny received a card in the mail from someone she did not know until she started reading it. It was from my cousins neighbor, thanking her for the meal and saying it really made his day. When my Nanny shared the note I could see the happiness and pride in her yes from knowing that she helped someone and also that her grandson had as well. I myself was smiling and a little teary-eyed.

I bought a book a while ago that I honestly have yet to get around to reading. (I always have a long line-up of books)  It's called "The Art Of Thank You: Crafting Notes Of Gratitude" by Connie Leas, I can't wit to read it. To learn and expand my knowledge of this tradition. If only to share what I know, so others can join in and make more people happy by letting them know they are appreciated.