Post Holiday Checkup

Well, I have a cold and Christmas is over… two things of which I am not thrilled about… but I will get over it. I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I had a lovely day with family and amazing food… and I am not exaggerating the amazing part. My Mama makes a mean turkey.  Though now I feel like every time I don my jeans I have to hop, skip, and wiggle to get them on… New Year's resolution in the making perhaps? 

Usually I don't really make a New Years resolution but this year I feel like so many good things have happened that it would be silly to not make goals for the next year… which is really all a resolution is. Mainly I am aiming to just do better, be better and have fun doing it. You know get back on track with being healthy (because that train derailed right after Halloween… oh the candy!)  To work even harder on my dreams on one day owning a physical shop for Celebrated Lady and of course do all of the above and still enjoy my family…well because they are the most important in all of this.

Any-who I'm just checking in and letting y'all know I'm still alive… snotty but still alive.

I hope to have new items in the shop for the new year soon so keep an eye out for them along with new fun updates!