Snow Day!

It snowed again this past Tuesday. I always love when it snows (though not so much when I've planned a party) I always become a nervous wreck with worry for those who have to drive in it though. I myself a hesitant driver to begin with, was a very happy camper to just work from the studio. For hours I worked and watched the snow fall. I sat admiring a holly tree and listening to at least twenty little birds chirp away at the feeder. I love how quiet it gets when the world is covered with its snowy blanket.

But alas the snow stopped. That's when being an adult kicked in. I suited up and decided to venture out into the snow and shovel the driveway. It wasn't much but if left could have caused some rather nasty ice… and since I'm pretty accident prone I didn't want to let it ice up to only fall on my tush later. This is when an idea floated into my head. I have not made a snowman in years and I mean years! So today I did. I made a little snowman just like I had done when I was little! Carpe Diem right?

I thought if fitting that since it was a baby snowman to use a baby carrot for his nose. Little things like that make me happy. Of course then I had to take his picture. Which was followed by a very cold me coming back inside to make myself a nice warm cup of Hot Cocoa.