Cheering Them On!

I am not what you would call an "avid sports fan". I have fun watching sports and going to games but besides knowing who scored a goal or what team got the touchdown, I get a little lost in the details.

This however did not stop me from going to my step-brothers Sled Hockey Game.
C and my Dad (the goalie coach) getting ready of the game.
My step-brother C is the goalie for the Vineland Sled Stars Hockey Team. A team that as their website says "provides an opportunity for those players who would never have the chance to play ice hockey due to a physical disability to play."C himself is Autistic and hockey is his life. When I was invited to one of his games I jumped at the chance and I am super glad I did. I have been able to go to two of his games so far! 

Sled Hockey, if you have never heard of it, is when the players sit in specially designed sleds and use two sticks to propel themselves down the ice. Believe me though these kids can really get going on the ice… they move so fast! They really are amazing. I have to admit I got really into it and was cheering right along with everyone for our team.

I think its amazing that a league such as this exists for people with disabilities. Because it is so much more then that. Seeing how much heart these kids put into these games, who to think… without the sleds they wouldn't be able to play. I am so happy to cheer them on!

If you  know someone who might be interested in sledge hockey or have a child who might be interested in looking for a local team, there are teams all across the country. If you are in the South New Jersey Area or just want to know more about the sport and see my step-brothers team, stop by their website.