Saying Goodbye

I don't think anyone likes to say goodbye. No matter what your saying goodbye to there is always a sadness even if like in my case you know that it is for the better.
my childhood bedroom since I was three
This past weekend I said my final goodbyes to my childhood home. We sold the house. There is something odd to know that you can't just go back. Don't get me wrong I love my new home, and I know that it was time to move on. There is just something odd to know that I can no longer go see where I had lived most of my life… roughly 22 years.

a fun detail from the old house
I'm glad I was able to say goodbye even though it might seem silly to say goodbye to a house. I got to see its quarks for one last time. The old cracked plaster walls were still there, the creaky floor boards still sang as you walked and the sun still filled each small room. Some have asked us "Why are you leaving? Your house had so much character?" Truth is it is a very old house and needed a lot of work and was just to big for my Mama and I to keep up with. Now the new owner who we have met has plans to fix it up and do the work that we just couldn't. Which I admit though The house was not the right home for my Mama and I anymore, to know that it is going to raise a new family warms my heart.

So, Though I was sad to say goodbye I and completely excited to move on.. new house, new town, new start. My horizons have broadened and in a way I just guess it's time to truly grow up..

Well as much as seems reasonable to my goofy self… being to grown up is just not healthy.