Ahoy! The Tale Of The Jolly Roger Cake

This past weekend was definitely an adventure. I have said before that when I am not making jewelry for Celebrated Lady, I am usually doing some type of cooking/baking. I've posted many cakes I have made in the past and my most recent learning experience is no different.

From the when my best friend told me that the theme for her little boy's fourth birthday was going to be Disney Jr's Jake and the Neverland Pirates I immediately knew I wanted to make Captain Hooks Ship the Jolly Roger.  One, because I knew if I could pull it off it would look really awesome, two, it would score me tons of cool Auntie points and three, because I had never made a boat cake before or anything of the kind. I knew it was a gamble because I was so out of my comfort zone. 

There was also the added challenge of needing to decorate and assemble the cake in a different location from where I baked it, another situation I have not ever encountered. With all of this being known I dove in head firs,t fully committed. Little did I know near the end  the cake had some issues and I feel like playing smash a cake.

The reason the cake almost never was? Well, my undoing was that to keep the cake fresh during transport I wrapped it in plastic wrap. Sounds like a genius plan right… well it wasn't. It kept the cake nice and soft alright, so soft that the icing just about refused to stick. This also did not bode well for the fact that the pattern I created for the cake required it to stack… three layers high in the back of the boat. 

All of this was just the precursor to the cake catastrophe that happened. I was almost finished decorating the cake and it didn't look perfect but it looked cute… and half of the back of the cake completely COLLAPSED! I just stared at it… It was 9 o'clock at night and the cake collapsed! After a minor freak out of the woman in the kitchen.. This being my Mama, Aunt, Best Friend, and I… my Aunt ended up saving the day. How? She brought in a big tub of toys and said, "I'm thinking props." That is how the orange life boat came to be and the cake was saved!

Even though as a perfectionist I see so much more I could improve upon with this cake, I think the final result wasn't to bad. At least I learned not to wrap a cake in plastic wrap. Hey, 200 ways not to make a light bulb right? My nephew liked it so that is really all that matters anyway!

And While I can't say it was the prettiest or most successful cake I have ever made, it sure was tasty!