It's Time For A Reunion!

This past weekend was the Annual Moore College of Art & Design Alumni Reunion!

a.k.a Totally Awesome Saturday of Fun!

I had never before attended a Moore College of Art & Design Reunion. I was so excited and nervous. Excited to see all the awesome Moore Ladies, nervous just because I didn't really know what to expect. There was also the added excitement because one of my special occasion necklaces the Braided Vine of Crystal Blossoms was picked to be in the Annual Alumni Exhibition, "Small… But Not Restricted". 125 Alumni were selected for the show and I simply can't say how honored I am to be included!

The only way to know what the reunion was going to be like was to go! The weather being what it has been, I got a room at the Embassy Suites just down the street from Moore. This ended up being a really smart plan because it snowed and rained throughout the day Saturday. An extra perk was that my room had an awesome view and I was not about to let some stupid snow get in the way of me having my fun. 

With all of that being said Moore does their reunions a little different. Instead of each graduating class having separate reunions, Moore has an annual reunion for all Alumni, all years. This allows the woman of Moore, young and old to come together in our creative sisterhood for a day of make'n'take classes, lectures, a gallery exhibition, and to top it all off, meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.

I chose to enroll in the offered Macrame class taught by a local Philadelphia Knit-wear designer, artist, and fellow Moore lady, Janell Wysock. Her vibrancy and knowledge led to an honest adventure into the art of macrame. Even though those dang little knots could be a bit frustrating at times it was so much fun to learn a new skill. One that I can't wait to incorporate into my own work. I even got to take home the spool of yarn I was working with, which was such a pretty blush color.

The whole day was a blast. I got to laugh with old friends and meet new ones. The whole day people called my friends and I babies because we are all considered fairly recent graduates having ranging from graduating a few years ago to just last May. There were woman at this reunion who had graduated over 30 years ago! 

At the reception for the Alumni Exhibition I even got to see a friend of mine who I had not really scene in person since we graduated from the fashion department together. The night didn't end there for me though. I then braved the slushy city sidewalks and slipped, slid and laughed my way back to a local restaurant to meet up with another Moore lady. She is one of my dearest friends and was one of my dorm-mates and I have to say it was so nice to catch up with her. We live quite a bit apart so any chance to meet up we take.

It was so nice to see everyone and to be back in the warm inspiring embrace that is Moore. Though I must admit I am sure glad there was no homework this time. My friend Samantha of SamiBStyle and I did leave notes for our old professors from the Fashion Department! It was such a great day and I look forward to next year!