It's Official!

Celebrated Lady jewelry is now going to be sold at The Brownstone Emporium! I'm so excited that I can start this journey of working with the amazing staff of this beautiful shop!

The Brownstone Emporium is lovely little boutique full of character located in the equally wonderful Wheaton Village. The shop is filled with so many amazing and interesting pieces from local artists and fair trade items from artists around the world.

I have been to Wheaton Village so many times since I was a kid, in and out of the shops and to the many events they host each year. The one room school house my great-grandmother taught in is even there. I can remember looking about The Brownstone Emporium, at all of their interesting items. To now think that my jewelry is now being sold in the boutique...  I am over the moon with excitement!

So, if you find yourself in the area of Millville, New Jersey make sure to check out Wheaton Village. Plan a trip for when they are having a show or festival and when you do make sure to stop on in The Brownstone Emporium and see their Celebrated Lady selection!

One last little bit… check out my escort to my meeting at The Brownstone Emporium this past weekend. This pair honked and waddled in front of me the whole way to the shop.