Warm Weather Weekend

The winter here has been quite brutal… cold quiet days of solitude and snow… I crave the sunshine. I'm a warm weather girl. The more sun the better… so when a Spring-like weekend arrived here in my little corner of the world in New Jersey a few weekends ago I ran out of the house twirling in circles, rejoicing and singing … no I didn't but I felt like I did.. Instead of reenacting a favorite Disney cartoon from childhood I choose to go to a local thrift shop and flea market.  The weather was so beautiful. I should have known it was a precursor to the awesome things I would find! 

My favorite discovery of the the day was a vintage yellow shirtdress! It is the loveliest shade of buttercup. It fits just right and I can't wait to wear it! An added plus was that is was $4.99 and then 50% off so I got this awesome dress for only $2.49! That's a total steal in my book!

I was also able to find a couple other great things that I was really excited about. Besides finding a shopping bag full of vintage buttons to use for earrings in the shop I came across this cute little metal soap dish at the flea market… I plan to use it as a business card holder or display at shows. The display find of the day tough was this  little glass display case for only three bucks! I've spent many hours drooling over the ones that can be found on Etsy and though they aren't extremely out of my price range, this thrifty girl has her budget to think of. Thats why when I saw it just sitting on the bottom shelf in the thrift shop I knew it was going to come home with me. I tried it out by putting some of my Celebrated Lady hand painted button earrings in it. The case fit in with my studio great just like I hoped! I am so glad to have found it. I keep thinking of all the ways I can use it at parties and shows. 

Now I just can't wait for the weather to stay nice and warm so I can go out adventuring more!