A Fun Day at work!

The wind may have blown and the sun played a great game of hide'n'seek but Fun Day at Annie's Vintage Venue's was that and more!

There was a great turn out! People mixed and mingled among the crafters and yard sale vendors! Despite an afternoon call for rain, we all set up in are marked spaces outside of the shop. I had two amazing women on either side of me, both were also vendors from inside the shop. Boy, did our whole row have fun laughing, teasing and sharing stories all throughout the day. We even all joked that at the next event we wanted to be next each other again! It made for a really fun environment. A good day at the office in my book.

This was the first time that I was selling vintage items along with my jewelry. I have spent quite a while carefully collecting pieces to create a curated collection to go along with my jewelry to cater to all the Celebrated Lady's out there. (vintage and jewelry… what's not to like?) I am really pleased with how the display turned out. I was worried about getting sun burnt because it was outside (I got really sun sick for the first time last year and I never ever want that to happen again!) Turns out the wind is what I needed to worry about. The wind had different ideas for my lovely display. I ended up have to change some things around a bit. Everything was fine till about one o'clock. That is when the wind picked up and some things decided to topple over… Thank goodness nothing broke and in the end it was all just a lesson learned… wind is evil! 

In all seriousness though, I had an amazing time this past weekend.  When I wasn't gorging myself of an amazing cupcake covered in a giant flower made of icing, I was selling jewelry and meeting new people. One of my customers even told me that my jewelry reminded her of when she was in Paris! I am really excited to see things coming together for Celebrated Lady. Hard work does pay off! I'm can't wait for all the things to come.

My next outdoor event will be on June 7th at Cawmen's Mall in Salem, New Jersey. Hope to see you there!