Happy Accidents

I finally found a use for all of the interesting single buttons that I have. You know the awesome ones that I can not bring my self to part with even if they don't have a match to make earrings out of? Yep, they are the ones and I have started turning them into wire wrapped rings! 

They are are such a blast to make. When I figured out how to make them I immediately zoomed out to the craft store to get more wire because I quickly used up my stash. I bought a few different thicknesses to play around with. A few different colors to match up to various buttons. I felt very pleased with my findings and could not wait to get home to create more rings. This just hammers home my love for taking things that are just stuck in a collection jar on a shelf and turning them into something fun and usable! The thing is when I got home and started testing out some of my wires one of the gauges was much to strong for what I needed… I could barely bend it… It's what I get for not doing more research I guess. I was just so excited! 

Feeling sad I set the wire aside back in it's bag to be returned… though the one I opened sat pouting on my desk… I made a few more rings when an idea popped into my head. I picked up the neglected wire and started twisting out little pieces and viola! I had the parts to make really cute wire chandelier earrings!

I am obsessed with this happy accident! The possibilities are endless and I have also been inspired to create matching necklaces to the earrings I have made!  I love that I can make so many color combos! The end result is a fun boho pair of earrings that can be dressed up or down. Needless to say I didn't end up returning any of the wire I bought.