Seven Days of #modsummer!

Summer is in ful swing and this celebrated lady has been living it up! The warm weather, the sunshine, mango popsicles. I love it all! 

That' is why when I saw the Seven Days of #modsummer Photo-A-Day Challenge by Mod Cloth on my instagram feed, I knew I wanted to take part!

I had never before participated in a photo challenge. Sure I've seen awesome photos from other challenges but I had never really gotten up the never to task myself with taking photos for a topic. With that being said this challenge was such a fun experience! I loved seeing what so many people on instagram chose to share. You really get a feel of how that person is spending their Summer… each persons challenge tells a story!

That is why this week I decided I was going the share my Celebrated Lady Story of Summer!

Day 1: Monday - A sweet treat.
Strawberries and chocolate… enough said!

Day 2: Tuesday - Stand & take a pic of your kicks.
My Birkenstocks are a Summer outfit must.

Day 3: Wednesday - What's in my bag.
I love my mint Fossil bag! It holds everything that I need and is just so cute and yep… I do travel around with a troll doll… I use it to amuse my niece at restaurants and waiting lines.

Day 4: Thursday - Summertime #tbt
Seriously one of my favorite girls road trips ever! Twirling at Foamhenge with my Mama in 2009.

 Day 5: Friday - Tag your Fave person of furry friend.
My 10 year old cat Roo is such a snuggle bug.
 I shared his quiet way of saying good morning… right before my kitten Boo pounced!

Day 6: Saturday - The color of Summer.
If the bright sunny yellow of my sunflower in the garden doesn't say Summer I don't know what does.

Day 7: A favorite quote.
From a book I am reading "To Blessed To Be Stressed" by Debora M. Coty. 
I feel the quote speaks for itself.

And we all lived happily ever after!