Crystal & Shine - Jordan's Bridal Necklace

A few months ago I was asked to make a custom Celebrated Lady bridal shoulder necklace for Jordan, a beautiful bride, as a gift for her from her Grandmother. I of course accepted and I am so excited to finally be able to share the story!

Before this I had never made a shoulder necklace… I had admired them from afar but never took the leap of making one myself. I knew making an elaborate piece such as this would be a challenge. After researching difference styles and emailing back and forth with the bride I felt confident that I knew just what she wanted. The journey began with two sketches.  I emailed them both to the bride and she chose her favorite and so I went to work. 

Over the next month I worked on making Jordan's piece all she dreamed of. I emailed her status updates and kept her Grandmother in the loop… since it was to be a gift from her after all. 

For the front of the necklace Jordan selected my design that featured a piece of Vintage Chandelier Crystal at its center. I chose to accent it with frosted and clear glass beads. My idea with the look that was selected was to keep the piece looking light and to have it pick up as much light as possible… because lets face it… everyone likes shiny, sparkly things.

The back was left as a bit of a surprise. For this I included a salvaged vintage clasp. the original necklace was one that sourced from a jewelry box at a flea market. A lot of the pearls were missing and the necklace itself had just seen much better days. That's why I felt it was the perfect clasp to tie the back together for Jordan's necklace. It gave the clasp a new life and added something special to Jordan's piece. I personally enjoyed this because it made the necklace be both something old and something new all at once.

I loved having this piece sit in my studio on it's bust while I worked on it. Every day it would sit and shine. Visitors would compliment on it's beauty. Though I was sad to package it up in a box to ship out to states away, I knew it was going to it's new home. After all … this necklace had a very important job to do!

I could not wait to see it on Jordan! She promised she would send me photo's.

Jordan looked so beautiful on her wedding day! The necklace perfectly complimented the sweetheart necklace of her dress and she paired it beautifully with sparkly post earrings.

 Jordan really made such a beautiful bride. Her grandmother loved the piece as well. 

I was so honored to be asked to have a small part in making this day a beautiful memory for Jordan and her Husband. I wish them both happiness and love!