Spring has Arrived in the Shop!

The Spring 2015 Celebrated Lady Collection is now in the Shop!

Yay new jewelry!

This season I wanted to play with new clay techniques and materials... so I did. The spring/summer collection I titled Pink Sunset. I am often inspired by nature and what is around me. This season I was fascinated by the pastel colors of the sunset sky and how they can shift and swirl into one another. A fascination that I then put my all into creating into my clay tiles and beads. None of my tiles or beads are painted therefore each colorful tile and bead was carefully planned and thought out to have it's colors mixed together... much as the colors do in the sky... to create a beautiful little picture.

I then paired my handmade tiles with a variety of amazing materials such as found vintage beads, wood, glass, metal, and bone beads that I found at a local Native American Pow-Wow!

Be sure to stop by the shop and see what is available and be sure to follow me at @celebratedlady on instagram and twitter to see sneak peeks as well as items that may not be in the shop.

If you are interested in something custom or just want to see what else is available feel free to use the info on the contact page.