Not Letting Your To-Do Rule You! 4 Ways To Make Time For Yourself!

Making time for yourself... i.e. 
How not to go crazy while running a business or other endeavors.

Heads up... while I try very hard to make time for myself I'm not that great at doing this...
but... here goes nothing,

Originally I had a completely different post planned for today... that is until I realized Earth Day is in April and not in March...Whoopsie! glad I caught that one, let me tell you! So, with that being said I am actually in a way glad because it allowed me to write a post about something that has been on my mind lately. 

So lets get to it!

We all have to-do lists, whether they are mental, kept on a piece of paper, or recorded digitally and those jerks can be quite overwhelming sometimes. It's hard as the list gets longer to find balance between being a hard worker and overworking yourself. That's why this week I thought I would share some of the ways I attempt to make time for myself which is so important. 

In my case, I run my own business (Celebrated Lady LLC) and work a part time job at a museum shop, both of which I adore and love, but it leaves a lot of work that I have to accomplish. It can feel like climbing the stepping machine at the gym... always climbing and never reaching the top. And let me tell you five minutes on that thing and if feel like I'm a jiggly pile of goo.

 I spend many days and nights in my studio, creating, doing paperwork, and trying to conquer that ever growing list, even on days when I've worked in the shop all day. I know I am not alone. No matter what someones situation is we all have these lists and obstacles that block us from the much needed me time. Mom's with little ones, authors, actors, secretaries. teachers, etc... We all deal with this.  The worst thing is though that now people are having trouble remembering how to relax and not be busy, myself included.  If I have a day off I find myself feeling like I'm wasting time and saying things like "I might as well just go work in the studio" .

It's important to remember that you time is not a waste of time!

Now go forth and take a moment of time for yourself!Put yourself on your to-do list if you have too and maybe use some of my ideas listed below to fill your time!

1.  Read Something!

I'm currently reading "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler and I love it... I'm also slowly teaching myself how to speak Italian using the Duolingo app (it's so cool) I try to read before bed but after a long day...sometimes all I want to do is snuggle up in my bed watch some You Tube videos (mainly Buzzfeed... they are hilarious!) and then try to shut my brain off and get some sleep.

2. Do a craft!

If you are part of the hand made makers community this craft can not have anything to do with what you make to sell... that is part of your work now. Instead do something fun, simple and relaxing. Something that when it's finished makes you smile. I did this little fox sun catcher I found while cleaning my studio the other day. I love the way it came out and can't wait to hang it in my window!

3. Catch up on that pile of magazines you've been meaning to read.

Now this one can double as productive work time because I get some of my best inspiration from flipping through magazines. Whether it be a color, texture or recipe, I just love taking a moment to actually read the articles and fully examine the photos. Right now my favorites are Martha Stewart, Better Homes & Gardens, and the Rachel Ray magazine!

4. Write something.

For Christmas this past year my Mom got me a book filled with writing prompts. I used to love what we called picture prompts in school... (where you are given a picture and you then have to make up a story to go with it) This book, and others like it, have the same premise but have word prompts instead. I find it so fun and relaxing to just sit and come up with little stories or write down memories and observations!

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