The Struggle... Finding the right pair of pants!

From curvy girls to skinny girls finding the right pair of pants is always a pain. They can gap, squish, or both! 

I personally can only attest to the shopping woes of a curvy girl because I have always been on the chubby side. The only thing that differs from my younger chubby self is that my current self is much more comfortable in her own skin. Believe me the road wasn't easy and I still have days where I wish certain things didn't jiggle quite so much... but that is all besides the point... Today is about pants and how I may or may not have been able to squish my butt into them!

This whole thing started because I needed new pants because of the commonly known phenomena called chub rub...  when your inner thighs hate each other so much they fight tearing your pants to shreds in the process. (I know a bit dramatic but it's my only solace for the reason I have to buy new pants every six months.) Pants can also be especially hard for me because I'm short so I have to search for pants that fit my proportions...

(style hint- most companies now put out what are called ankle pants because they work for both tall and short women. It's a whole Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants situation but it's nice to know that I won't have to shorten my clothes if I can find ankle pants)

I got an email saying that Old Navy was having a sale and since I needed to hit up my local craft store for supplies I figures I'd kill two birds with one stone. (both stores are at my local mall)

I was totally impressed with the selection Old Navy had. Lots of bright colors and prints... all of which I tried on... (bless the fitting room attendant because I must have tried on 14 pairs of pants and she never once gave me attitude or judgment) The light colors showed every flaw in my legs and the prints I didn't feel were versatile enough for my budget right now. The hardest thing though was to find the right size.

First I tried on a few different sizes and discovered that I was a different sized in almost every different style of pant I discovered that Old Navy regular length pants are entirely the wrong proportion for me... a normal pant for someone taller was very high waisted on me... and too long in the leg. I settled happily into a 16 and an 18. I found two styles the I liked how they fit. Not to tight in the thigh but still contoured enough to fit my waist and not need a belt. Lets just say these pants fell into the beloved "Goldie Locks Zone" I will say though that while they did contour at the waist there was a bit of gaping in the back... I don't think it's going to bother me though. I ended up purchasing two pairs of pants, a pair of black dress pants called Le Pixie that were a size 16 ankle length and a pair of deep olive cargo pants that were size 18 ankle pants. I am super excited about the cargo pants because I have always wanted a pair of pants like them... but due to my size finding pants with no stretch that fit right can be very hard, so when these fit I knew they were coming home with me.

In the end I'd say the trip was pretty successful. I came home with two new pairs of pants and didn't break my bank. Yes I did have to try on a lot of different pants to find them but that's ok... My younger self would have gotten discouraged after the 4th pair and given up but my best friend once told me to never get upset when clothes don't fit... "There is nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with the clothes." The thing to remember is that all girls have their stories about how hard it is to find the perfect pair of pants... no matter their shape or size. I always try to keep this in mind when going on a clothes shopping adventure.

What I'm wearing:

Outfit Left

Felt Boho Hat - Got when I was 16

Vintage Amethyst Tribal Necklace - Found at a yard sale when 
I was like 10 and used to play dress up with but I now love and wear frequently.

Elephant tank top - Forever 21

Pixie Ankle Length Pants - Old Navy 

Oxfords - Cynthia Rowley

Outfit Right

Beaded Bone Boho Necklace - Celebrated Lady

Embroidered Gauze Sleeveless Blouse - Gap Outlet

Woven Belt - Boscovs

Olive Cargo Pants - Old Navy

Brown Cork Bottom Wedge Sandals - JellyPop