Local Spotlight! | Barbera's Chocolate On Occasion

Today I'm starting a new occasional series called Local Spotlight here on Celebrated Lady!
And this months feature is... 
Barbara's Chocolate On Occasion llc! 

Oh my goodness this candy shop seriously has some of the best treats I have ever had! 
It is a small candy shop owned by Amy Barbera and is located on South Brewster Road in Vineland NJ.  I am a person who loves supporting other local businesses so I wanted to share how wonderful this little chocolate shop is! 

My first experience with the Barbera's Chocolates was Valentine's Day and I again received a lovely little selection for Easter and was immediately mesmerized by, one how adorable how each piece was so beautifully decorated, and two how amazing every single piece tasted! It just was like little bite sizes of happiness! Some of the treats I received were chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered vanilla wafers, chocolate covered rice crispy treats and five beautifully decorated petite fours!

In this mix found what had to be my most favorite sweet treat in the world! Their Strawberry Eclair bites! If you ever had the strawberry eclair ice cream bars and loved them then you will adore these... This bit sized creations of joy are created using the same cookie coating as the ice cream bars with a strawberry filling! I absolutely love them! And they are just so pretty to look at too!

This local shop is such an amazing little gem. I also love their slogan "Your Hometown, Handmade Chocolate Shop" It's all very Willy Wonka esque. Each piece shows such a lovely attention to detail!

 If your're ever in the Vineland NJ area or simply want to support an amazing local business here are the ways you can check out Barbera's Chocolate for yourself!