A Day Without Make-up

 I went make-up free for a day to see what would happen and how I would feel...
Glad to report... Not much, though I did learn something about myself!

Yay for learning!

I used to not wear any make-up at all... in fact I shunned even the notion of wearing it. I hated the idea of putting powders and creams on my face or depending upon something to feel pretty. This was a preconceived judgment... it was also the wrong idea.

 I finally started wearing make-up (more then the occasional use of eyeliner) earlier this year. It all started because I tried painting my nails, liked it, and just kind of took off from there. In truth, it actually was that I finally began treatment for my anxiety and started to feel just one-hundred percent more confident and better about myself... This made make-up something fun instead of something I felt I needed. 

Thing is, I did notice that I started to always wear my make-up out and I felt like I needed to do it... It also began to feel like a chore... So I thought it could be fun to see what would happen if for a day I went back to not wearing any make-up. I just recently started working in a shop (along with working on my jewelry) where none of my co-workers have seen me without makeup so, I wondered if it would be noticed. 

It had been mentioned before by a few people in discussions, that they really couldn't tell I was wearing makeup (because I generally pick "me only better" natural colors. But I still wanted to see what would happen, my own little experiment. So I didn't wear any make-up to work and took these pictures, in the morning, before I stared getting ready.

So what did happen....

The earth kept turning and nothing much happened except I learned a lesson about myself... I had worked myself up thinking people would notice that I didn't put as much effort in that day, or that I would be judged for not caring as much. I was also wary of feeling uncomfortable. All of which didn't happen... I felt fine and nobody said a thing. 

This whole thing brought me back down and made me realize that make-up is fun, that I don't need it and if people noticed they really don't mind enough to mention... 
(or if they did mention it and it bothered them it's not my problem) 

I like my face with and without makeup! I plan to continue to mix it up, if I wear it I wear it. If I don't I don't. I'm still me either way and that's more important that whether or not I wore make-up... People like me for my character not what shade of eyeshadow I'm wearing...

What I should have been more concerned about was how my white shirt turned sheer under the shop lights making my bra visible... Thank goodness for cardigans! 

Lessons learned right?