Celebrated Lady Summer At The Brownstone Emporium!

Get into the mood for Summer! Feel the sunshine on your face, the wind in your hair, the taste of watermelon, the smell of salt water! 

We are half way through May and it is now truly the time to start getting ready or Summer. It's time to shake out the sundresses, dust off the straw hats and find your sandals hidden goodness knows where in the back of your closet... you get the picture.  

This is why I'm taking today to highlight one of the locations Celebrated Lady's Summer jewelry selection is available at! 

A selection of Celebrated Lady pieces are available at The Brownstone Emporium at Wheaton Arts! One of the Museums three shops!

This season I was inspired by Sand and Sun! Pink Horizons and the warm weather. I wanted to create pieces the exuded a feeling of new bohemian chic that transports the wearer to their dream summer location! I used sunsets and sunrises as inspiration for many of my tiles. 

So stop on by and check out the selection of my work and get your very own Celebrated Lady piece perfect for Summer! Each piece is one of a kind using different materials so don't miss out!

Find the Handcrafted Celebrated Lady pieces above and more like them at The Brownstone Emporium at Wheaton Arts!

Not local to the Southern New Jersey area? Don't fret... stop on by the Celebrated Lady Etsy shop to check out the selection there!