Glass & Art

I find great joy in viewing art! I love to see the point of views of other artists and be transported by their work. Ever since I saw Mary Poppins jump into a chalk drawing on the ground I have always loved to lose myself in art. So... when I had to opportunity to see the gallery's exhibited at Wheaton Arts Bi-Annual Glass Weekend a few weeks ago I was a little more then excited. I had never before been to a show featuring works using glass as a medium, so I didn't know quite what to expect. With that being said I was blown away by the talent in the room. I even got to meet and chat with a few of the artists! Here are some of my favorite pieces from the weekend.

"Equinox" by Grant and Erin Garmezy
"Equinox" By Grant Garmezy and Erin Garmezy
The above piece was my absolute favorite from the show! I loved the colors and shapes. The delicate flowers hanging from the horns. As a fan of Georgia O'keeffe, this reminded me of her work so much!

"Shell" Carmen Lozar
"Shell"  by Carmen Lozar

"Sunset" by Kait Rhoads
"Sunset"by Kait Rhodes
This piece was made using many hollow glass murrine canes wrapped together using copper wire. I love the movement of this piece and how it truly transports you.

"Awakening" by Michael Janis
"Awakening" by Michael Janis